Vaginal Steaming and Lymphatic Massage Salon in Tokyo

We think that our mental and physical health is necessary for a beautiful and a spiritual life.
We wanted to create the place where everyone could be more beautiful and healthier. Whether they are family members or friends, we think that they could all experience the ultimate nourishing sensation together. We organized a treatment of your autonomic nervous system and improved one’s ‘physical’ constitution through the ‘Asuca Ocher’ (vaginal steaming).
Not only is this natural treatment for women; but also, for men! It is recommended for reducing the risk of prostate disease. Nevertheless, improving children’s concentration is one of the treatment’s benefits. Babies are also very welcome! 

What is Vaginal Steaming?

01 ‘Asuca Ocher’ is a Chinese medicine steam treatment

Vaginal steaming warms the entire body from inside. This transcutaneous absorption of the steam, infused with herbs made from Traditional Chinese Medicine, flows through the Mucosal Membrane of the delicate area, increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Basal Body Temperature (BBT). It also enhances the detoxification effect of lipids and waste products.
It is an effective traditional method for cosmetic beautification and healing.

02 Using the best equipment

Our ‘Yellow Soil’ pots contain enzymes that make them an excellent element in the process of the detoxification and purification of the body.
Since the soil pots absorb all the toxic wastes from your body, you are able to check the condition and the toxins inside the pot after the process.
We also use high quality natural and herbal medicinal herbs. They are carefully selected and contain safe (non-pesticide) ingredients that are formulated by an exclusive Chinese Medicine Professionals. They are well known for oriental Medicine.


For beauty
Atopy · Anti-Aging · Constipation · Increasing Concentration ·Autonomic Adjustment・Diabetes · Hypothermia · Allergy Improvement ·sensitivity to cold · Asthma · Shoulder Stiffness · Lower Back Pain · Hemorrhoid · Anemia · Prostatic Disease · Prevention of Cancer

For women
Menstrual Pain · Menstrual Irregularity · Uterine Myomas · Endometriosis · Cystitis · Infertility · Menopausal Disorder ·Uterus Cancer · Postpartum Uterine Care · Vaginal Tightening

For diet
Body Fat・Weight Loss・Recovery from Fatigue・Eliminate Malaise・Excessive Stress Relief


01 Counseling

First, we will ask you about your daily worries and the symptoms you seek remedies for.

02 Preparation

All clothes should be taken off and replaced with a special mantle.
(Women who are during menstruation or pregnant still keep their underwear)

03 Facial Steaming

A headwear is worn followed by a whole face steaming process.

04 Sitting Steam or Steaming only for legs

You will be sitting over a steaming pot for 30 minutes.
(Women who are menstruating or pregnant will have Steaming only for legs)

05 Back Steaming

Finally, your body is to relax and allowed to cool down. We will warm your back and around the buttocks up for about 5 minutes.

06 After-counseling / Final Stage

Sweat formed by the steam is non-sticky and smooth; you can just clean it with a towel and wipe it gently.
You may change clothes and observe the detox state inside the pot.
You will be advised about the results and your posttreatment state, right from the status of the pot; such as metabolism and your physical condition.

※ Please refrain from eating or drinking cold beverages for about an hour after the treatment. (Please do not drink alcohol before the treatment)
※ Pregnant and menstruating women will have Leg Steaming treatment. Please bring extra pair of shorts.
※ In case of postpartum (After-birth), women will use Leg Steaming until the end of the ‘vaginal discharge’ lochia, followed by ‘Sitting Steam’ process.
※ Please bring along makeup remover if needed.
※ Reservations are only made through telephone calls.
※ All tickets are non-refundable
※ Cancellation fee on that day is 1,500yen.

Customer’s Testimonial

Female who experienced Vaginal Treatment 6 times. (40 Years Old)

“When I tried vaginal steaming, my body felt better. I felt like I will be fine for at least a week. My skin was also feeling great when using lotion.
Neck and shoulder stiffness were released at once! It was surprising!
My night sleep got deeper, my body felt lighter in the morning and it became easier to wake up.
It’s my first time to experience something so effective!”

Female who experienced Vaginal Treatment 6 times. (30 Years Old)

“The painfulness during menstruation became quite durable!
The symptoms of the pollen seasons are coming off; the condition of my skin has improved and the makeup? got better.
I can get rid of tiredness day-to-day.
I am refreshing my body and mind.”


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Salon for Vaginal Steaming and Lymphatic massage in Tokyo


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